6 things to expect from our OPPO e-commerce store

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We know that change is scary. But it’s also exciting! Our e-commerce store has been months in the making and after tweaking it over and over and making sure that it runs perfectly, we’re finally revealing it to you today.

If you’re one of our devoted longtime O-Fans, you’ll know that we love to connect with our audience and constantly find new ways to do so. So... *breathes deeply* Here it is. Launching this is both nerve-wrecking and thrilling for us, but we wouldn't have it any other way. We really hope you'll like it.

Here’s six things you’ll be able to enjoy at this new site.

1. Integrated Instagram feed

Admit it; we're all visual creatures. We can’t help but gravitate towards beautiful images and there’s nothing wrong with that. By embedding our Instagram feed straight into the site, you'll be able to instantly view our latest updates at one go. We hope this will also in some small way inspire you to create your own moments.

2. Stories from the heart

If you prefer your entertainment in the form of words, we’ll also be churning out articles on a bi-weekly basis. Covering a wide range of topics including photography, life, tech, music, sports and everything under the sun, we write from the heart, in ways that are personal and passionate. We want this to be a place that will spark conversations, a place where you’ll find great stories told in an engaging way.

3. Mobile-optimised design

Our requirements for our e-commerce site are simple: It should be clean, modern, and most importantly, easy to navigate. Besides allowing for quick and easy information access, we’ve also made our content more accessible by optimising it for mobile. No matter what handheld or tablet device you’re on, our site will automatically reformat itself so that you can get the best possible experience.

4. A featured products panel

With so many products available at our store, you're likely going to be spoilt for choice. So, we've cut short the decision-making process by highlighting a few of our bestsellers and new arrivals on the homepage. 

5. Live-chat support

Before dropping a few hundred dollars on a smartphone, it's always important to clarify your doubts, whether it's about products specs or any ongoing promotions. More convenient than a customer service hotline (we won't put you on hold, for one), we provide live-chat support that lets you get help from a live person while shopping online. If we're currently offline, why not read one of our articles as you wait?

6. Mystery gift!

Besides getting a totally awesome new phone, you might also receive a mystery freebie. What is it, you may wonder? Well it wouldn’t be a mystery if we told you, would it? 


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