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I got my first smartphone at 19. (Yeah, yeah, I know.) It was the tiniest little thing but built like a complete rock. I swear, no matter how many times it slipped out of my hands and landed on the floor, there was hardly a scratch, it was amazing. Not only was I giddy about the prospect of ditching my old phone and finally entering the 21st century, there was also a certain thrill about owning a smartphone for the very first time. It was like my entire world had opened up.

Since then, the global mobile landscape has changed in leaps and bounds. Technology is getting smarter and so are we. Every day, I’m thankful that I was born into the technological age because learning to use the latest innovations comes pretty naturally and there’s just so much the Internet has taught me (thanks, Google). With so much knowledge and content at our fingertips, who says youth is wasted on the young?

Likewise, OPPO may not have been in Singapore for all that long (just a little under three years), but we've learned from our peers in the market and grown exponentially in the process. 2016, in particular, has been a year of many firsts for us — we conducted a selfie social experiment at a K-pop concert, started a social movement in line with Breast Cancer Awareness Month, did the Mannequin Challenge with football legends and their fans, collaborated with a popular online fashion store, revealed our latest phone at an indie music & arts festival and now here we are at December, where we’re finally launching our brand new e-commerce store.

Here, you can do more than just buy our phones. We’ve got tons of exciting ideas up our sleeves and we can’t wait to share them all with you. We’ll be slowly rolling out content in the coming weeks so expect to see tons of articles written by us and spanning across various categories beyond tech. There’s also categories for news, lifestyle, sports, and of course, photography.

This is truly a new beginning for us here at OPPO Singapore — in more ways than one. Our marketing team has evolved from a one-man show to now consisting of six young and creative individuals, individuals whom you’ll soon see more and more of as we gradually expand our coverage on this site. (Here's a fun fact: We have an average age of 25.)

As we hurtle forward at lightning speed, maybe making mistakes here and there but definitely learning as we go along, we hope you'll join us on this journey.

Because the future is ours. 


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