Keep your New Year’s resolutions this 2017 with these must-have apps

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January’s always a month filled with determination as you approach all your resolutions with gusto, only to have that fire gradually die out once real-life responsibilities start getting in the way again. Come February and March, you barely even remember what resolutions you made in the first place. Sound familiar?

Luckily, there’s an app for everything.

Digimind, a social media monitoring and analytics company, identified the top New Year’s resolutions made by Singaporeans last year and with their list in one hand and our smartphone in the other, we set about striking off these resolutions, one app at a time.

If your resolution is to: Save money
Then download: Dollarbird - Personal Finance 

Being on top of your spending is one of the easiest ways to go about saving money. By cultivating a habit of keying in your transactions as they happen, whether it’s buying a coffee or taking an Uber, you’ll have a better overview of your expenditure trends each month. Beyond tracking your expenses and seeing how your balance evolves over time, it lets you project how much money you’ll have in the future.

If your resolution is to: Travel
Then download: TripIt: Travel Organizer

The idea of exploring the world is an exciting one but figuring out all those details and making plans beforehand can be stressful. The app simplifies the process by organising all your essential info in one place. All you have to do is forward your booking confirmation e-mails and it will instantly create an always-accessible itinerary for each of your trips. Also includes maps and driving directions to your next destination.

If your resolution is to: Exercise more
Then download: Charity Miles Walk&Run Tracker

If hitting the gym regularly is too big of a commitment, start small by going for an evening jog or opting to walk the 20 minutes home instead of taking a bus. And if getting fit isn’t incentive enough, this app gives your running, walking or biking workouts a purpose as you’ll earn money for your charity of choice in the process. Based on your distance tracked, brand sponsors will make donations to a cause you support.

If your resolution is to: Quit smoking
Then download: Get Rich or Die Smoking

For a lot of us, money’s one of the biggest motivations. But this app goes a little further than just showing you how much you save by not indulging in your habit. Besides keeping track of how many days you’ve gone smoke-free, it also shows what you can now buy with all that money you’ve saved instead. It does this by encouraging you to add a wishlist of things you can reward yourself with whenever you achieve certain milestones.

If your resolution is to: Lose weight
Then download: Lose it!

Log your food and activity then set your goals and the app will help create a custom weight loss plan for you. While it has all the basic features you’d expect from a diet app, it also lets you access your support network when you connect with your friends, family and peers. For the competitive ones, there’s also a challenge feature for that extra push as you work towards achieving your goals.

If your resolution is to: Get a new job
Then download: Indeed Job Search

One of the more popular and straightforward job search apps, what’s great is that it aggregates listings from thousands of company websites and job boards, and you can also apply straight away from your phone once you’ve uploaded your resume. If you’re worried you’ll be missing out on relevant job opportunities, set up e-mail alerts so you’ll be notified once new jobs appear in a specific category you’ve selected.

If your resolution is to: Study harder
Then download: Forest: Stay focused

If you’re the kind who can’t help but reach out for your smartphone multiple times an hour even though there’s a major test to study for, Forest provides an interesting solution. Plant a seed in Forest and in the following time you’ve set for yourself (up to 2 hours at a time), it’ll grow into a tree. As soon as you crack and leave the app to answer a message or scroll through Instagram, your tree will wither away. Simple, yet effective.

If your resolution is to: Spend time with family
Then download: Spaceteam

This is a cooperative multiplayer game (up to 8 players) that may or may not involve some shouting. Let us explain: In Spaceteam, each person's presented with a random control panel and a list of time-sensitive commands. The tricky part is, the instructions are being sent to your teammates so you have to coordinate before the time runs out. Also, the ship is falling apart. Yeah. Needless to say, things can get a little chaotic.

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