Master Photography With the OPPO R11

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To get the best results, we recommend shooting in bright settings. It’s also a good idea to put as much distance as possible between your subject and the background. For example, if your subject is standing too close to a wall, you won’t be experiencing the full capabilities of the feature. Don’t let the photo opportunity go to waste!

Natural and Clearer Selfies

We recommend these 3 steps to stand out with your selfies.

1) Firstly, tilt your head at an angle. This trick allows your cheekbones to stand out while making your eyes look bigger.

2) Hold the camera above your eye level. This angle creates a slimming effect while allowing you show off your outfit of the day! #OOTD

3) Finally, find good lighting. The right lighting instantly creates a healthy skin tone and luxuriant looking hair. Try taking your selfies outdoors, or close to a window, to take advantage of the natural light.

Selfie shot with the R11

The first tip is the most important. Hold your smartphone horizontally so that you can capture most of the landscape in front of you. Secondly, choose the best time of the day to capture your shot. We would recommend you to capture these shots during the golden hour, which occurs before sunrise or sunset, when the natural light is softer.

Landscape shot with the R11

Lifestyle Photography

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