What You Can Expect From OPPO R11

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Good news to all you O fans out there who are speculating about our latest R series phone model. Speculate no more!

That's right! We are finally letting you in on our new flagship phone that is aimed at all you selfie and photo-taking lovers out there. Touted as the successors to the R9 and R9 Plus that launched last year, here’s everything you need to know about the brand new OPPO R11!

In line with the new slogan of “Beauty made clearer”, the R11 ushers in a breakthrough in terms of megapixels in a smartphone camera. The OPPO R11 comes equipped with a 20MP front camera and a rear dual camera setup (20MP+16MP), enabling crystal clear images, even when zoomed in or magnified, as compared to the the Oppo R9 and R9 Plus’s 16MP cameras on both sides. That’s not all, a large depth of field, which was deemed to belong solely to the capabilities of the SLR camera, has now been made reality in the R11. What you can expect from this is crystal clear images of the subject juxtaposed against a blurred background, significantly enhancing portraits, creating a Bokeh Effect. If that is not enough to entice you, the 20MP ultra-clear dual rear camera combines with the revolutionary Spectra ISP technology to allow for greater control of your photographs with a 2x optical zoom.

In order to achieve a breakthrough in imaging effects and capabilities in smartphone photography, OPPO and Qualcomm have jointly developed the flagship level camera processor running in R11. The results are fast autofocusing speeds that is accompanied by stunning image quality, even under low-light conditions.

The R11 stands out from the crowd with its extremely thin and light ergonomic design and silky smooth and natural metallic arcs that allows it to fit in your hand like a glove.

Diving into the specifications, the Oppo R11 runs on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 processor, a 4GM RAM and an ultra large internal storage of 64GB.  For the gamers out there, the gaming experience on the phone is made more realistic, faster and grants users the advantage of seamless processing with the integrated Qualcomm Adreno 512 GPU.

Now let’s talk about the R11’s VOOC flash charge that enables you to enjoy 2 hours talk-time with just 5 minutes’ of charge. You heard me right! Don’t put yourself through another anxiety of having low battery anymore. The industry-leading flash charging system will have your phone ready to go when you are on your way out the door.

The all new and improved ColorOS3.0 is now faster and more efficient! By turning on the night shield eye protection mode, the screen filters blue light, changing the screen to a colour temperature and automatically adjusting the brightness strength to ensure that our consumers see the world as clearly and vibrantly as we do. For all you multi-taskers out there, it’s split-screen function enables 2 applications to run simultaneously.

Thinking of switching to the R11 already?

The final function, which is the cloning tool, will definitely make transferring of all your data seamless and fuss-free.

Complimentary laser engraving when you pre-order the OPPO R11 today!
Stand a chance to walk away with additional milestone gifts like a pair of complimentary Movie Tickets and Bluetooth Headphones. 

You can now pre-order your OPPO R11 here:

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