OPPO x Expedia x Klaud9 #EyeWanderWin Contest

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So, a little birdie told us you're interested in winning an OPPO R9s Plus? Wise choice!

But what if we told you, it doesn’t stop there. Here at OPPO, we realised that you’ll need the perfect scenery to test out your new camera phone. And we could think of no better way than to reward you with a trip to a mystery destination, inclusive of free accommodation and flights! Let’s all give a big hand to Expedia for this.

What are you waiting for? Just follow these simple steps and you could find yourself on your next holiday with the best travel companion you could have, the OPPO R9s Plus.

1) Take a walk down memory lane through your Instagram account. Are there any photographs you’re dying to share with us on your last trip? Well, we’re dying to see them!


2) Edit your captions and include the hashtag #eyewanderwin. Don’t forget to set your profile to Public. We don’t want to miss your photos!


3a) Besides the OPPO R9s Plus, is there another travel companion you had in mind? Then, tag him/her! Encourage them to do the same to increase your chances of winning :wink:


3b) But what if the OPPO R9s Plus is all you need? No problem! Include the hashtag #Solo to let us know you’re willing to travel alone.

And that is it! You’re now in for the draw for an OPPO R9s Plus and a free holiday! Told you it was that simple.

Good luck!


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